Thriving Families





We started out as a baby sleep consultant service, however, we offer families so much more than just standard sleep information.  Thriving Families now offers families a divers range of services.

When families engage us to talk sleep, we are also looking at the big picture of wellness. This can help with information on age-appropriate development & Play, nutrition, behaviour, even continence. Sleep is like a jigsaw and all the peices need to fit together before you can see the whole picutre


We are a Registered Nurse, Midwive, Child Health Nurse, a Pediatric Continence nurse, and a Mother.

We offer the latest research on infant sleep, neuroscience, infant mental health, and parent mental health, to bring you a comprehensive service.

“Our vision is to help you enjoy the “everyday” of parenting. We can help you better understand your children’s behaviour and what this behaviour is communicating. We will do this by offering a range of  individualised options that you can choose from to fit in with your family, its needs and parenting style.”



When babies do not sleep, families often feel like they have failed. This simply is not true. Sleep is just more difficult for some children for a variety of reasons.

If you live in Toowoomba our Sleep Consultation service comes to your home. We offer a tele-health service for families outside of Toowoomba. We have three packages for familie starting from 2 hours. A 1/2 day service and a full day service. After our initial visit we offer free text support for 2 to 4 weeks while you consolidate any changes needed.

When we visit you, we create a plan that is individualized for your family. I’m sure you have talked to lots of people about sleep, and you have worked out that what works for one family may not work for another, so we look at your needs.

Sleep is crucial to all of us. We have helped thousands of families and we will definitely be able to help you and your baby find some sleep. We have found that this then translates into being able to spend more quality time together as you all feel less stressed, children are more easily entertained and tempers are less frayed.

We use very gentle but effective techniques. This is important as we recognise the very special bond between you and your baby. We work within an attachment and infant mental health model.

Most families only need one visit. However, if you would like further visits, we can stay with you while we use the techniques together to actually put your child to sleep. This can give you the confidence you need to help your child feel safe and supported while they go to sleep.

It’s important to remember that this is your baby – there are no deadlines, time limits, or failures. You will achieve your goals with our support, your persistence and consistency.



We offer workshops in Sleep, Toilet training & Continence, Preparation for Parenting, First Aid for Children, Circle of Security,  Australian childhood Foundations Bringing up Great Kids.

In our workshops we aim to create a safe place that allows the sharing of laughter and information around some of the common hardships of parenting, whilst giving you our trained healthcare providers professional advice, in language you can understand and relate to.



Every child is unique. They will all be ready to toilet in their own time. However, some have difficulties in learning when their peers are ready.

Things like withholding, not wanting to sit on the toilet, or continual accidents of wee or poo can be really difficult and frustrating. I am a pediatric continence nurse and can help you understand these behaviours and help you and your child overcome them.

My promise to you is:  “we will not waste your time or your money”. We genuinely want to support families to thrive and enjoy every day of parenting.

We are one of only 28 pediatric continence nurses in Australia and well equipped to help you overcome your issues.