One of the greatest honour of my work is connecting with families from all walks of life. I am so privileged that these amazing families allow me to gain insight into their families world. 

Regardless of their circumstances, most families I encounter shares a common thread: a mother, stepmother, grandmother, or Happy Mother’s Day – You Deserve This Day!

From the moment of conception, a woman undergoes profound changes, both psychologically, physically, and emotionally. The bond formed at conception, biologically and emotionally, lasts a lifetime, shaping her journey as a mother. Most mothers protect their child like the gentle yet unyielding embrace of the ocean, shielding them from harm with unwavering strength and love. I see you all every day. I see your spirit, your love, your battles, and your scars.

There are countless types of mothers, and I’d like to honor a few. I am sorry if I have not included your story in this, but you are all in my mind’s eye.

To the new or expecting mum: I see your enthusiasm and fears. Embrace each moment, trust your instincts. Seek supportive communities that uplift you without judgment. Cherish every stage, knowing that while the days may seem slow, time flies in retrospect. You are doing an amazing job with every gentle caress and connection you make. Be gentle on yourself; we all have lots to learn.

To the working mum overwhelmed by guilt: Remember, you’re laying the groundwork for your family’s future. Outsource when needed; your presence matters more than perfection. Your love shines through every action you take. You are doing an amazing job; be gentle on yourself; your workday doesn’t finish when you clock off.

To the single mum managing it all alone: You’re a superhero. Your love and dedication create a nurturing environment where your children thrive and learn resilience. You’re doing an amazing job; be gentle on yourself; you are giving everything you have.

To the mother of a child with special needs: Your unwavering advocacy is inspiring. Your strength and determination shape a compassionate future, both for your child and society. You’re doing an amazing job; be gentle on yourself; things can take a little longer than planned.

To the mum feeling judged and pressured: Trust your instincts; no one knows your child like you do. Ignore the noise of doubt and focus on your family’s needs. You’re doing an amazing job; be gentle on yourself; the noise of today’s society is deafening.

To the mother who has experienced loss: Your strength in the face of unimaginable pain is commendable. Your child’s memory lives on in your heart, forever cherished. You’re doing an amazing job; be gentle on yourself; your care is important too.

Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.’ This sentiment rings true for every mother figure I’ve encountered. So, Happy Mother’s Day to all, regardless of your circumstances. Know that your invaluable contributions, though often overlooked, shape the world of tomorrow. Take this day to celebrate you.