6-Hour In-Home Consultation Package

6-Hour In-Home Consultation Package


Ideal for: Parents and caregivers seeking in-depth, hands-on support within the comfort of their own home. This package is especially suited for families with babies and children requiring personalised assistance with sleep, unsettled behaviours, and breastfeeding challenges.


Our most immersive consultation option, the 6-Hour In-Home Consultation, is designed to provide direct, hands-on support throughout a full day. This package allows Amanda to work closely with your family, offering real-time guidance, demonstrations, and

solutions tailored to your child’s needs and your family’s lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to address immediate concerns, observe routines firsthand, and make instant adjustments to foster better sleep habits, tackle unsettled behaviours, and navigate breastfeeding issues with confidence.

What We’ll Do:

    • Direct Observation and Assistance: Amanda will spend the day with you, observing your child’s sleep environment, daily routines, and interactions. This hands-on approach enables personalised advice and immediate problem-solving.

    • Settling and Resettling Techniques: You’ll learn effective strategies for settling your baby into sleep and resettling them if they wake prematurely, with Amanda guiding you through each step.

    • Addressing Unsettled Behaviours: Together, we’ll identify triggers for unsettled behaviours and develop strategies to soothe and comfort your child, enhancing their overall well- being.

    • Breastfeeding Support: Receive expert advice and support on breastfeeding, including positioning, latch, and addressing any challenges you might be facing.

    • Customised Sleep and Care Plan: Based on our day together, we’ll create a detailed plan tailored to your child’s needs, incorporating strategies for sleep, daily routines, and addressing any specific challenges you’re facing.

    • Interactive Q&A: With ample time for discussion, this package ensures all your questions are answered, providing clarity and confidence in your parenting choices.

    Follow-up Support:

      • Weekly Check-Ins: To support the implementation of your personalised plan, Amanda will schedule a phone call with you each week for 4 weeks following the consultation. These calls are a chance to discuss progress, adjust strategies as needed, and ensure you feel fully supported.

      Additional Support:

      • Ongoing Guidance: Recognising the journey to better sleep and resolved feeding issues can be dynamic, additional support and consultation options are available to address evolving needs or new challenges that arise.


      Our Approach at Thriving Families:

      This package embodies the Thriving Families commitment to providing holistic, compassionate, and practical support to families. By choosing the 6-Hour In-Home Consultation Package, you’re not just investing in a service; you’re embracing a partnership designed to empower, educate, and support your family through the challenges and joys of early parenting.

      Embark on a journey to a more peaceful, harmonious home life with the expertise and support of Thriving Families. Let’s work together to create positive change for you and your child.