4-Hour Sleep Consultation Package

4-Hour Sleep Consultation Package


Ideal for: Families seeking a deep dive into their child’s sleep challenges, suitable for babies aged 5 months and older, and children up to 5 years.


Embarking on a journey to improve your child’s sleep can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. In our 2-hour comprehensive consultation, we’ll look into your child’s current sleep patterns, identifying the most challenging aspects of their sleep routine. Together, we will uncover the root of the sleep issues by discussing a typical day and night for your child.

What We’ll Do:

    • Comprehensive Sleep Analysis: We’ll start with a detailed discussion about your child’s current sleep behaviours, identifying specific challenges and what you hope to achieve.
    • In-Depth Understanding of Sleep Science: Amanda will share insights into the science of sleep, including how various factors like developmental stages, environment, and family dynamics influence sleep patterns.
    • Tailored Sleep Plan Creation: Together, we’ll craft a personalised sleep plan that respects your parenting philosophy and caters to your child’s needs, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your family life.
    • Interactive Q&A Session: With ample time available, we encourage an open dialogue where you can ask questions, express concerns, and clarify any doubts as we progress.
    • Sleep Environment Optimisation: A detailed assessment of your child’s sleeping environment, with recommendations for creating the ideal sleep setting.
    • Practical Tools and Resources: We’ll provide hands-on tools, techniques, and strategies that you can implement immediately, supporting the transition to better sleep.

    Follow-up Support:

    • Detailed Summary: After our session, you’ll receive a comprehensive summary via email, including your personalised sleep plan and actionable steps for implementation.
    • Extended Clarification Call: A follow-up call will be scheduled —approximately 7 and 14 days post-consultation—to address any emerging questions and adjust the plan as necessary, ensuring you feel fully supported.

    Additional Support:

    • Ongoing Assistance: Recognising that adjusting to new sleep habits can take time, we offer options for continued support beyond the initial consultation and follow-ups, available at an additional cost.

    Our Approach at Thriving Families:

    Embracing a holistic, empathetic, and evidence-based approach, we aim to empower your family through education, support, and personalised strategies. This package reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate care that respects your unique family dynamics and promotes sustainable sleep solutions.

    Transform your nights and restore harmony to your household. With our 4-Hour Sleep Consultation Package, embark on a journey to peaceful, restful nights and happier, healthier days.